Thorston T. Bradsher      Senior Systems Programmer

My Current Interest:  High Level Database Architectural Design and Development


B. A., Mathematics, Duke University


May 1996 to present.  CYBER Senior Systems Programmer.  He is currently working on developing the Sailor Marine Corps American Council on Education Registry Transcript (SMART) transcript.  He has developed a prototype system for generating the SMART transcript using Microsoft Access and Visual Basic.  Data from the numerous databases involved in generating the transcript will be consolidated into Access and then into Oracle.  This project also involved developing a working data dictionary generator.

August 1995 to June 1996.  CYBER Multimedia Programming.  He utilized ToolBook 4.0 to migrate Armstrong Laboratories’ Guided Approach to Instructional Design Advising (GAIDA) to a multimedia version, GUIDE.  This effort was part of a technology transfer specified in the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement between Armstrong Laboratory and both the University of Minnesota and CYBER.  He also worked on the improvement of Guidance for Open-Ended Learning Designs for Instructional Environments (GOLDIE) on a Program Research Design Agreement between Armstrong Laboratory and CYBER.

April 1995 to September 1995.  Senior Analyst for CYBER Learning Corporation.  Under contract with United States Air Force Academy , he worked with Microsoft Office Suite, including Access, and Visual Basic, to develop DFE 2001, an ordering/supply management system for the United States Air Force Academy.

June 1994 to May 1995.  Senior Contract Programmer. He participated with the Cap Gemini Corporation staff in the development of CansurFacs, a cancer data collection and analysis application addressing the requirements of the American College of Surgeons.  This work was done in Foxpro 2.6 and required considerable usage of SQL queries to support transfer and reports.

1990-1994. Programmer.  He worked for the California Public Health Foundation, Berkeley, California as a member of a development team for a network-compatible version of “c/Net”, an application which collected and interpreted cancer data.  This work involved development of reports with export in spreadsheet format and development of a computerized patient tracking and correspondence system.  In this role, he participated in all aspects of a very large and detailed program, including provision of customer support.

1989.  Senior Programmer for Umemoto Consulting, Berkeley, California.  As a Senior Programmer, he developed an IBM version of Stars and Planets, with animation and sound for Advanced Ideas.  He also supplied graphics support for Grizzly Bears, also for Advanced Ideas.

1986-1989.  Contract Programmer, self-employed.  Representative examples of contracts include: 

?  ObjectVision, Inc., Berkeley, California, where he supported the development of a graphics-based, object-oriented programming editor and Postermaker, a utility to convert an ObjectVision data file into a PostScript poster. 

?  For Sculptured Software, Salt Lake City, Utah, he developed an IBM version of 

Fairy Tale Adventure, using animation, background scrolling, masking, sound, and other special features for Microillusions. 

?  He developed an IBM slot machine game for Mastertronics.

?  Under contract to John Boeschen & Co., San Raphael, California, he developed the BLS Tutor System, a tutorial authoring system with graphics and student record reporting system for BLS Corp.  He also developed business simulation courses Wall Street Office Systems and Microcomputer Activities for Office Procedures for Southwest Publishing.  This work required windowing system and fast text screens. 

?  He designed and created Collamore Castle, and elementary school math tutorial for D. C. Heath, an Apple application which required data compression, code overlays, and a sophisticated Teacher Management System.

1984-1985.  Senior Programmer for DIR Advance Technologies, Sunnyvale, California.  In this role, he was a member of a development team chartered to design and implement a graphics CAD/CAM editor for production of a milled circuit board prototype.  He installed numerous functions, including nested keyboard macros, cut and paste facility, graphics, file translators, and user friendly interfaces.  He supervised programming staff.

1984.  Sub-contract Programmer for Osborne McGraw Hill, Berkeley, California.  He designed and wrote software for The PC JR Entertainer, published September, 1984.

1982-1984.  Consumer Projects Engineer for Mythicon, Cupertino, California.  He designed, wrote and implemented entertainment software for the Atari 2600.

Computer Experience: 

Application Interfaces:  MS Windows, MS-DOS, NetBios, NOVELL

High Level Languages:  C++ BASIC, FORTRAN, PASCAL, POSTSCRIPT,  Asymetrix ToolBook, Visual Basic

Assemblers:  8086, 68000, 6502, and Z80

Graphics:  Real Time Effects

Data Bases:  Btrieve, FoxPro, MicroSoft Access, Oracle7


CAPT (Ret) Willard D. Philipson, Ph.D., 1960 Tenth Street, White Bear Lake, MN 55110  612-653-1287

Dr. Robert Tennyson, Ph.D.  Department of Educational Psychology, 211A Burton Hall, 178 Pillsbury Drive S.E. ,University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455, 612-626-1618